Music Ministry

The highest form of worship is celebrated through song. The fathers of the Second Vatican Council, aiming to cultivate the "fully conscious, and active participation" of the gathered congregation (Sacrosanctum Concilium, 14) declared that "Liturgical worship is given a more noble form when...celebrated solemnly in song, with the assistance of sacred ministers and the active participation of the people" (113). The 1967 document Musicam Sacram states that through singing the Mass, "prayer is expressed in a more attractive way, the mystery of the more openly shown, the unity of hearts is more profoundly achieved by the union of voices, minds are more easily raised to heavenly things by the beauty of the sacred rites, and the whole celebration more clearly prefigures that heavenly liturgy which is enacted in the holy city of Jerusalem (5)

Music ministry at St. Katharine Drexel Parish aims to follow these directives by engaging the entire congregation in singing as many parts of the Mass as possible, making a joyful noise unto the Lord. We hope to build a robust music program that establishes a culture of singing. The leaders of this culture will be the adult choir.

Adult Choir

The adult choir will begin its fall season with a potluck dinner and informational meeting on Wednesday, September 13, at 6:30 PM at St. Jerome's parish hall. The adult choir is open to everyone high school age and up. No experience or musical education is necessary; all we need is people with a good attitude, a desire to glorify God, and to lead congregational singing! If you are interested in attending, please contact Isaac Johnson, Music Director, as soon as possible, so we can have a head count and give food assignments.

Children's Choir

The Children's Choirs will also resume rehearsal and singing at Mass after Labor Day. The Children's Choirs will sing at the first Mass of each month during the academic year, and will cultivate an engagement in and love for the liturgy and music of the church in the next generation of Catholics. Rehearsal times are to be determined, but are likely to occur once a month, shortly prior to the first Sunday of each month.

Cantors and Section Leaders

Cantors and Section Leaders are selected through a process of audition and interview with the Director of Music. Music reading and voice training are required. Cantors lead singing at Masses without choir, including solo singing such as at the Responsorial Psalm, and during choir Masses will serve as section leaders. The Music Director is currently seeking cantors committed to lead singing at Masses every weekend and to lead voice parts at choir rehearsals and choir Masses. For further information or to schedule an audition, please contact the Director of Music.


We invite string, woodwind, and brass musicians high school age and up to assist at the church's great Feast Days such as Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost.

Louis Vollono, Jr.

Director of Music and Organist

More Information

For more information, to join an ensemble or choir, or to audition as a cantor, please contact the Director of Music, Louis Vollono.