Music Ministry

The Sacred Liturgy is at the heart of Catholic life. The liturgy is where we encounter God’s mercy and His forgiveness, but it is also the moment in which we are restored and strengthened by His Grace. The Community-in-Formation views the Liturgy as a major part of its apostolate. Through the liturgy, we are able to preserve the traditions of the Church and to sanctify God’s people. In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we enter the heavenly sanctuary and Christ’s sacrifice of the cross is made present.

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Oratory


In a lecture on Sacred Music, His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said the following: "From the very beginning, liturgy and music have been quite closely related. Mere words do not suffice when man praises God. Discourse with God goes beyond the boundaries of human speech. Hence by its very nature the liturgy has everywhere called upon the help of music, of singing, and of the voices of creation in the sounds of instruments. The praise of God, after all, does not involve only man. To worship God means to join in that of which all creatures speak." Music is the voice in which we speak, the voice we worship, with the Holy Saints and Angels, our God present with us at Mass, and, really, every time we enter His Holy Church. Therefore, a congregation's active and prayerful participation is highly encouraged. 

St. Augustine (Augustine of Hippo) was a theologian, philosopher, and Bishop in the 4th century Roman Church. Many of us have all heard his views of singing: Those who sing pray twice. ... We sing because singing is what the people of God do in God's presence. Song is the gift God has given us to unite our heads and our hearts in praise." Here at St. Katharine Drexel Parish, we welcome your time and talent. Lift your voices in song, and pray not once, but twice. Consider actively participating in our worship through music either as a cantor, choir member, or instrumentalist. 

If you cannot join us in the groups below, please pray for our ministry.

In Christ,
Louis S. Vollono, Jr.
Director of Music & Organist

Adult Choir

The St. Katharine Drexel Choir supports congregational singing at Mass while also singing special music throughout the liturgical year. The choir has a central role in Lent, East, Advent, and Christmas. Participation is open to singers who can follow a melody line of music age 18+; no formal training is required or an audition. Please see Lou at the organ before or after Mass to express your interest and join a rehearsal.

Ministry of Cantor

When available, cantors lead song for the congregation in lieu of the choir or Director of Music. A parish cantor is an auditioned position that requires a meeting with the Director of Music and Pastor. At the present time, the ministry of cantor has been suspended at St. Katharine Drexel Parish. Check back for further updates or watch the bulletin for an announcement. 

Children's Choir

Our younger parishioners of the parish may join our parish children's choir which, for some time, was inactive. The children's choir will be reorganized, so watch the bulletin for more details. The children's choir will hopefully become a staple at Mass during Christmas, Easter Sunday, and other special events.

Other Musicians & Instrumentalists

If you are a member of our parish and play an instrument such as brass, strings, reeds or woodwinds, we would love your active participation. You are most-welcome to accompany either just the organ or join with the singers to enhance the music even further. Please see Lou before or after Mass to discuss how you can join us.

Louis S. Vollono, Jr.

Director of Music and Organist